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Employers Information

We welcome all enquiries about recruitment from hospitals, recruiters, recruiter’s agents and individual employers from both the Middle East and the rest of the world

What can we offer you that is different?

We are specialists in the medical profession, recruitment and the Middle East. Both of us are nurses and Karen worked as a nurse and a midwife in the United Arab Emirates for seven years. You will not see unqualified people in the office blindly recruiting nurses and doctors on one phone and engineers on the other.

You will be pleased to know that we screen potential applicants. Our reputation for providing solid personnel for employers is far more important to us than just increasing recruitment figures. If we don’t think the applicant is suitable we let you know. This makes good sense in the long run because we know you will come back to us for more applicants in the future. Our doctors and nurses add to the quality of your hospital.

You want your recruit to stay after their contract has elapsed by renewing their employment agreement with you and so do we. This is because we want to save money for your organisation. Most of our recruits renew their contract.

You need us to be working your working week – which in most cases will be the Middle East working week. As a result the office is manned 7 days a week. In addition we will answer Emails up to midnight, UK time.

You will find us to be a company with proven performance results over the ten years we have been in business. We have testimonials from all the hospitals we deal with to this effect.

You will have an excellent working relationship with us.We have superb relationships with all the HR departments of all the hospitals we work with. This is because we are skilful and speedy and make life easy for them. We have no doubt we would have a similar relationship with yourself.

You can see our track record. We work by Royal Appointment and also have exclusive contract rights with some hospitals because of the quality and reliability of our service.

You will be safe in our hands and we make your job easy for you.

If you have any questions, want us to help you or simply want us to contact you please send an Email now and we will do the rest.

We Now Recruit Lawyers

If you represent a hospital or any organization looking for a lawyer we can source one for you. We can source lawyers for the UK or any country in the world. Our recruits are, of course, of the highest calibre. Contact us now if you want to discuss your human resources needs.

A message to our existing clients.

Thank you for your loyalty in choosing Bridgewater International to recruit your top class medical personnel for you. It has been a pleasure to serve you for a decade. However, we never want to become blasé about our working relationship with you.

We want to improve our services to you all the time and always be equal to our claim that Bridgewater International is the best recruitment agency. So, if you have any questions, recommendations or criticisms regarding our recruitment service we would love to know about them.

Please contact us now on