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Why choose B.I.R.D to get you a position in the Midddle East?

Bridgewater International Recruitment Direct is owned and run by Karen Johnson R.N., R.M.,R.S.N and Ian Johnson B.A. (Hons), R.N.L.D., a husband and wife team. You will find that we offer a friendly, professional service with an eye on quality and detail. You should choose us, we believe, because we can get you to the U.A.E. in the smoothest possible way.

Like many of our applicants, we are nurses trained in the U.K. and living in the U.K. You are, we know, some of the best trained nurses in the world. You and we know the frustrations of working for a health service that is creaking at the joints (through no fault of its own) or for a private company that may be more concerned with spreadsheets than bed sheets. You and we are aware of the insult of inadequate wages after all our training and dedication. We are here to change that and give you the great lifestyle you deserve.
You should know that as far as we are concerned the U.A.E is a paradise. Karen has spent seven happy years as a nurse and midwife in the U.A.E. You can phone Karen up any time and chat about nursing over there and the fabulous lifestyle you will experience. In the meantime you can read "Why go and work in the U.A.E." sent with this page to give you a brief idea of what it is like.
You will soon get to know that we are on the ball at B.I.R.D. because speed is of the essence. You will witness how we try and make sure that you are the first applicant for new posts. You will receive our promise that your Curriculum Vitae will be Emailed to the hospital immediately (provided it meets certain quality requirements), that your references will be chased doggedly and that you will know if you are successful the same day that you are employing hospital contacts us. If there are no current vacancies for your skill we will inform you immediately a vacancy does become available. But I had bought many breitling replica watches from Dubai.
You will not be expected to pay any fees to B.I.R.D.for the recruitment service. (If you gain a position in Saudi Arabia you will have to pay visa, medical and authentication charges. If you gain a position at the Corniche Hospital you will have to pay to validate your certificates.) In addition, there is such a thing as a free lunch. If you live in the North of England it will be our pleasure to take you out to lunch by way of saying thank you for choosing B.I.R.D. swiss replica watches to get you to the U.A.E. If you live elsewhere or can not make it for lunch, well, sometimes a little bird drops things at your door.
You will get to the U.A.E. without a hitch, we will make sure of that. From the day of your first contact with us, we are looking after you. You will have your travel details sorted out for you. You will get Breitling Replica Watches for free. You will receive your Eticket for air travel , and its its details will be checked by us and we then ensure you receive it before departure - so you would not need to worry about going to the ticket office on the day that you will have other things to do. If you depart from Manchester Airport we will come and see you off. That is not the end of it, of course, we do not just say goodbye and then forget about you. We will write to you to find out how you are going on, we hope you will write back - when you have a quiet moment on the beach or beside the pool.

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Why choose B.I.R.D to get you a position in the Midddle East?
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