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Why Work in the United Arab Emirates?

Your skills appreciated.

The U.A.E recognises the high quality of British nurse training and experience (it also recognises the excellent training of other western countries). If you are a successful candidate you can be proud that you are the best of the best. It is only fair, then, that you should be rewarded with a great lifestyle.

Quality of Life

You will have a high quality of life in the U.A.E. You will receive a good, tax free income. Your accommodation is free and air-conditioned. Your only necessary expenditure each month will be for food.

Electrical goods, cameras and gold are cheap. Cars and petrol are cheap. "Whilst I was out there I had a Honda Prelude, a BMW convertible and a Mercedes, in that order". Karen Johnson.

Nearby Abu Dhabi and Dubai are modern cities with all the famous stores like BHS, Next, Naf Naf, Ikea, and Habitat; plus all the designer shops like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Valentino, Replica Celine Classic Bags and Versaces. There is even a Co-op and Woolworths.

Healthcare is free but you can, if you like, buy any medications over the counter without prescription. The social life is great, but if you choose it. There is a large ex pat community to mix with and to look after you. There are pubs, hotel bars and many clubs. There is every possible type of restaurant that you can think of from French to Persian. In addition, all the famous food chains are out there. So you can get a Macdonald if you want one!

Sporting activities include tennis, golf, scuba diving, boating, water skiing and paragliding. You can, of course, just relax in the swimming pool with a drink.
"I have just had a toast to you. I am sat in the pool at the Hilton, by the bar, of course. Life here is wonderful. I love my job and my social life is hectic but good. I want to say a big Thank you Karen, for all you have done for me. I would not be here in Al Ain if it were not for you. I am having the best time of my life". Louise Wilkinson, Female Surgical.

You can wear beach attire on tourists beaches and around the hotels. There is no prohibition on the clothes you wear in public places but bikinis and revealing dresses would offend the Islamic population and it is simply a matter of courtesy to dress appropriately for the location.

It does get hot in the U.A.E. but as mentioned above, most buildings are air conditioned and simple precautions can be taken outside. It is best to wear cotton clothes, as these absorb body moisture. A good quality sun lotion should be worn and a good pair of sun glasses also.

You will feel safe in the U.A.E. "I have walked home alone at 3 a.m. in the morning through Abu Dhabi and did not feel in the least bit threatened or afraid. In any case the hospital and the accommodation has security on site. In the U.K. I would not like to walk unescorted at night". Karen

The law is strict in the U.A.E. but it is not as severe in its administration as other Muslim regions. The laws have their benefits for law-abiding citizens. You can, for instance, leave you car unlocked in total safety. At the same time the U.A.E. is a tolerant country and, as long as you are discreet, there is nothing you can not do there which you could not do in any large city in the world.

The English language is widely spoken in the U.A.E. so it is not essential that you speak Arabic. However, most people like to be able to pick up a few words or phrases of Arabic to use; it increases rapport with the locals and it looks good on the future C.V. So "In sha Allah" (God willing) this brief account of the U.A.E. will help you decide whether you want to go there or not. Finally, a quote from our latest recruit to Tawam Hospital: "I am having a great social life, eating out loads, hitting the pubs and clubs in Al Ain and going to Dubai which is great. I am loving the culture and my patients are lovely, so that is good... So my Life has definitely improved out here, so I am glad I came, it makes such a change from home". Carol Seaman.

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